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INSIDE CHINA BASIN: John Shea On Posey/Craw/Belt, Giants Chances In Loaded NL West

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On this week’s Inside China Basin San Francisco Chronicle columnist John Shea, who is also the co-author of the Willie Mays book 24 joins Inside China Basin to discuss what we learned from the Giants getting swept at home by the Dodgers. He gives his thoughts on Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt in the final year of their contracts with San Francisco. We also take a look at why the modern game has former Major Leaguers concerned about its future.

Shea talked about Posey staying fresh: “What they’re doing with Posey is fascinating. It’s not put him out there until he needs a rest, it’s plan rest in advance and don’t be surprised if he sits out at least one game out of every three….Kapler’s theory is I’d rather have him at 100% two out of three days or three out of five days than play him four out of five, five out of six and not have his leg strength at the plate.”

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