INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Kontos On Best Team In NL, Bauer/Dubon, ‘Pen Roles, Facing Cubs

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On this week’s Inside China Basin San Francisco Giants podcast former SF reliever George Kontos is back this week to talk about the Giants entering June with the best record in the National League. He explains why bullpen roles are important, discusses the Giants winning three out of four in LA and shares some Cubs stories.

Kontos on the Trevor Bauer/Maurico Dubon showboating rivalry: “If you’re going to dish it you need to be able to take it. After Dubon hit the homer and put his sword back in the sheath they asked Bauer about it and the response he gave was little hypocritical when he said you are barking up the wrong pitcher’s tree. I hope Dubon does it again and every single time after that. There’s always a two-lane street.”

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