THE SPORTS VIRUS PODCAST: Ron Wotus Chats About His 24 Seasons As Giants Coach

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Sportscaster Joe Castellano talks to a variety of sports figures from around the country about the latest news. These in-depth conversations take you inside the personalities of the people involved in the sports we love to watch, listen and read about.

Ron Wotus has stepped aside after spending the last 24 seasons as a San Francisco Giants coach and now he joins TheSportsVirus Podcast to chat not only about his retirement, but also Buster Posey’s decision to hang ’em up. Plus, we talk extensively about NL MVP candidate Brandon Crawford, who just won his fourth Gold Glove award and we discuss why the 2021 Giants clicked well enough to win 107 games. Wotus takes us through the years from the time when Dusty Baker was at the helm to Felipe Alou, Bruce Bochy and finally the Gabe Kapler era.

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