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INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Ray Woodson on MLB and USA, HOF Mike Schmidt on Barry Bonds

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Today we revisit a March conversation we had with Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt on the Inside China Basin podcast. He was asked if Barry Bonds should go in the Hall:

Accomplishments on the field, absolutely. The whole steroid thing, we all have our opinions and the only opinions that matter are the sportswriters that do the voting. We don’t know, all we know is what we see. We look at somebody and how big they are and wonder sometimes how someone could get that big just by working out…I know he had a great deal of respect for me. We talked a lot when we played against each other. I would hope that some day it all gets ironed out and he and Roger (Clemens) and all of the people in the Hall of Fame can come together and give them their just reward.”

Now in early June, MLB players and owners are negotiating proposals to have a 2020 season. Former KNBR Talk Show host Ray Woodson give his thoughts on that and makes a statement about the current situation in the United States with protests occurring all over the country:

“This is a tipping point in our history…White people have to do some of the work now, maybe most of the work to bridge gaps.”

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