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Sportscaster Joe Castellano talks to a variety of sports figures from around the country about the latest news. These in-depth conversations take you inside the personalities of the people involved in the sports we love to watch, listen and read about.

Larry Krueger was a talk show host at KNBR radio in San Francisco over the last two decades and he joins us to chat about his departure from the station, his career plan and the Bay Area teams. Larry has plenty of opinions that we have enjoyed listening to on KNBR in all of his different roles at the station for many years. Now he is excited about moving on to a new chapter in his career and he gives us a little insight into his future endeavors. Larry also shares his thoughts about the 49ers’ situation as they get ready to trade Jimmy Garoppolo and sign free agents, the state of a Warriors team that has struggled lately and the Major League Baseball lockout. Although a baseball agreement was reached shortly after this podcast was recorded, Krueger lays out several reasons why the sport is in trouble.

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