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Giants Guests: Jeff Samardzija, Nick Hundley, Derek Law and Javy Lopez

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Once again we have a wide range of Giants guests as spring training continues in the Cactus League. Jeff Samardzija, Nick Hundley and Derek Law were interviewed at media day in San Francisco prior to Fan Fest. Javy Lopez joined us outside the Giants dugout at Scottsdale Stadium at the beginning of March.

Samardzija talked to The Sports Virus about his mindset after a difficult 2017 season for San Francisco: …“When you pitch through situations you become a stronger guy on the back end. Whether that’s a minor injury you pitch through or a rough patch you pitch through or a rough season that you go out and no luck is going your way and you keep pitching. When you do get a normal situation after that you kind of sit there and understand that hey, you don’t take it for granted. A healthy team, a strong team, a team that’s bonded together doesn’t happen all the time. It’s not the norm. It’s a special case when 25 guys come together and you have a nice long stretch. You appreciate certain situations a little more when you go through rough patches. Whatever that rough patch is when you come out on the other end usually you are a little stronger for it. For me, I’m just excited to go through that and then have a clean slate and start all over with great spirits and a team that’s ready to win..”

Listen To Samardzija, Hundley, Law and Lopez

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