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Sportscaster Joe Castellano talks to a variety of sports figures from around the country about the latest news. These in-depth conversations take you inside the personalities of the people involved in the sports we love to watch, listen and read about.

Mario Impemba spent 25 years as a Major League Baseball broadcaster with the Angels, Tigers and Red Sox. Recently he authored the book Major League Mindset, which is designed to help young baseball announcers improve their skills. We talk to him about the concepts in his new book and we chat about the details in his blogs on his website baseballbroadcasting.com while also reminiscing about his 33-year career (including minor league stops). Mario describes the joy of reaching the Major Leagues and calling games for his hometown team, the Detroit Tigers. He also explains how he was able to move on after an unfortunate incident led to the end of his 17-year tenure with Detroit.

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Tigers TV Voice Mario Impemba On Replay: “I Just Hate It…We’re Bogging Down The Game”

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Detroit Tigers TV Play-By-Play Announcer Mario Impemba sets us up for the Giants 3-game series at Comerica Park starting on Tuesday.

Impemba agrees with The Sports Virus that replay isn’t good for Major League Baseball: “…I was kind of on the fence about replay and now I just hate it…I understand getting it right, but a lot of times we’ll show three or four replays of the play and because it may show that a guy was safe but it was still a very close play and the call on the field was out, they’re going to stick with the call on the field because it was too close to call, even though you probably could tell the guy was safe…Yes, you want to get the call right, I agree, but we’ve played this game for 100 years without replay and it did pretty well. Now we’re just bogging down the game…It’s getting to the point now where I think we’re losing fans because baseball is slow to begin with and it’s a more methodical and cerebral game, but if you slow it down even more it’s going to be difficult to capture the youth these days.”

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Come back Sunday when we podcast from AT&T Park in San Francisco as the Giants host the Marlins.

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