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Nationals Manager Dusty Baker and The Sports Virus Reporter Ryan Leong

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Today we hear from Nationals Manager Dusty Baker, who also managed the Giants from 1993-2002. The Sports Virus Reporter Ryan Leong also joins us from AT&T Park in San Francisco.   


The Sports Virus asked Baker if he thinks Barry Bonds will get in the Hall of Fame some day:

 … “I hope so. He certainly deserves it…I think Jeff Kent should be in. He’s not getting much consideration at all. If it’s going by numbers, then his numbers are amongst the top second basemen of all time. If it’s going on popularity, then it shouldn’t be a popularity contest. I think Barry and Jeff should both be in.”

Baker on Daniel Murphy’s season:

 … “He should be the MVP at this point. He’s had one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen (and) I’ve seen some good ones. Every time you think he’s going to slow down, he speeds back up again. This guy comes to play, he comes to play every day. He has a great idea of what he’s doing on the bases, in the field and at the plate especially. This guy’s a student. I see him over here studying all the time and he has a heck of an idea of what he’s looking for.”

Listen To Dusty Baker and Ryan Leong

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