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John Shea From The SF Chronicle On A “Super Mom” And A Sensational Start For Arroyo

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The Giants are in LA taking on the Dodgers and John Shea from the San Francisco Chronicle discusses the state of the team after game one of the series. In part 1 of a 2 part conversation we talk at length about newcomer Christian Arroyo who learned the game in a very unique way.

Shea explains to The Sports Virus how Christian Arroyo’s mother Kim Drummond taught him how to play baseball and how to hit: “…Christian said she went out and got a copy of the Ted Williams book – The Science of Hitting – and ‘read a page taught it to me, read another page, taught it to me.’ I said, who does that? He said, ‘well, my mom does.’ Super mom.”

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Come back WEDNESDAY for Part 2 of our conversation with John Shea.

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