Ray Woodson: Matt Moore Has “Great Stuff” – Some Of His Problems “Between The Ears”

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Former KNBR talk show host Ray Woodson talks to us about the state of the Giants and who he likes to win the World Series.

Woodson talked to The Sports Virus about the future for LHP Matt Moore: “…What are you going to do with Matt Moore? He’s young enough that you figure you could work with him on some of the problems he’s had this year and I think some of them are between the ears. It probably drives the coaching staff a little crazy trying to get him out of this because he’s got great stuff.”

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2 thoughts on “Ray Woodson: Matt Moore Has “Great Stuff” – Some Of His Problems “Between The Ears””

  1. thank you so much for the Ray Woodson interview – I was shocked at how KNBR fired this very popular broadcaster – shame on them for treating him this way after what 12 years on the air ??!! I look forward to hearing Ray in the future somewhere – he was the only adult voice at the “frat house” that 680 has become. I for one am done with them after this – Giants games only and Marty Laurie will be it for me.

    1. Thank you so much for the comments Chris. I was angry that KNBR let Ray go, but in the long run he will be better off. I predict him landing on his feet soon with a project you are really going to like. Stay tuned.

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