Woodson On Moore: “Giants Have To Be Asking, Do We Go Forward With This Guy?”

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With the Giants season winding down, Joe and Ray Woodson take inventory on the wreckage of a team near the bottom of the Major League baseball totem pole.

Woodson talked to The Sports Virus about LHP Matt Moore: “…The Giants have to be asking themselves, even with what seems to be a reasonable $9 million option for next year, do we want to go forward with this guy? …There are reasons to say yeah you can because the stuff is there and the contract isn’t terrible and the fact of the matter is the politics say you traded a popular player away (Matt Duffy) for him so you might want to give him a little more time. The guy is still in his 20’s, you would think that this is a guy that you could redeem. But, I don’t know, I don’t know if the Giants know, I don’t know if Matt Moore knows at this point.”

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