John Shea Part 2: “By The Time (Bumgarner) Gets Back He’s Not Going To Make A Difference”

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We get an update on Madison Bumgarner’s rehab with SF Chronicle columnist John Shea. Plus, we chat about trade possibilities.

Shea tells The Sports Virus how Madison Bumgarner is dealing with being out of action: “… He’s kind of a bulldog. He doesn’t like this business. When (Bryce) Harper and (Hunter) Strickland went at it, he wanted to be out there protecting and bumping heads, maybe throwing punches if need be. He couldn’t go on the field or else he’d be suspended. So, he just walked away and that was hard for him. He’s been a leader of this team. A physical, emotional, spiritual leader…This is all new for him and he’s just trying to adapt, but it’s really affected him and the team.”

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2 thoughts on “John Shea Part 2: “By The Time (Bumgarner) Gets Back He’s Not Going To Make A Difference””

  1. “…but it’s really effected him and the team.”

    It’s “affected,” not “effected!” Look it up. (Can you fix this? Not a good look for a reputable publication!)

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