John Shea On Buster Posey: “You’re Seeing The Frustration Develop And Show On The Field”

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SF Chronicle Columnist John Shea joins us to talk about which Giants players should stay and which should go as tough decisions are on the horizon after a losing season. We also chat about how Buster Posey is dealing with not being on a contending team for the first time in his career.

The Sports Virus criticized Buster Posey for his comments after the hit-by-pitch by Phillies pitcher Hector Neris. Shea talked about Posey dealing with a losing year: “…(Bruce) Bochy really didn’t put out the flames the next day when he called Neris an idiot…That’s the epitome of frustration. Two guys who go out of character to accuse a guy of something that most people might think is an innocent act…It’s been a frustrating year for Posey. He is used to winning. This is Derek Jeter West. A guy who just showed up and started winning titles right away and a big reason the titles were won was because of him, just like Jeter. Jeter never went through a year like this…You’re seeing the frustration develop and show on the field and Posey’s always been reserved and constrained when it comes to showing emotion…This year is totally different.”

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