John Shea: No Minors For Arroyo “Let Him Figure It Out”-The Sports Virus: “I Don’t Blame Posey At All”

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The Giants are hosting the Nationals and we talk about San Francisco’s recent hitting woes and Christian Arroyo’s immediate future with John Shea from the San Francisco Chronicle. Also, The Sports Virus weighs in with a commentary on the Hunter Strickland/Bryce Harper brawl.

Photos courtesy of The Associated Press and Bleacher Report

Shea tells The Sports Virus that slumping Christian Arroyo shouldn’t be sent down to AAA Sacramento: “…Play him at one position regardless. If (Brandon) Crawford is off a day don’t put him at short, if (Joe) Panik is off a day don’t put him at second, keep him at third. Let him figure it out. Let him grind over the next few weeks. He’s 0 for 21 (heading into Monday’s opener with the Nationals), that’s awful, but he’s not going to be 0 for 42, he’s too good… He’s dealing with the mental part of this. He’s got the physical capabilities. He’s a ballplayer. He can help you when he’s not hitting.”

The Sports Virus backs Buster Posey’s decision not to join the brawl between Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper: “…I actually think it was really smart on his part. Some people think maybe he didn’t support his teammate there, but as soon as that pitch was thrown and it hit Harper you could tell that Posey was not in favor of this drilling. He just stood there very disappointed in a way, just his posture, it wasn’t like he was going to go out and tackle Harper and get involved in this because he didn’t approve of it. He didn’t want a baserunner in that situation in a 2-0 game. It seemed like just a personal vendetta, Strickland against Harper…I don’t blame Posey at all.”

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