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Sun First Solar

Giants fans are smart, so they know that solar makes financial sense and environmental sense.

Sun First Solar is a Bay Area Favorite!


Sun First Solar has provided solar excellence since 1984.
They are committed to preventing the depletion of natural resources and protecting the beauty of our environment through the use of renewable energy.

Sun First Solar is one of the Bay Area’s favorite solar providers. They recently won the Marin IJ Readers Choice award for Best Solar company and also Best General Contractor. They provide the most efficient, customized energy systems in the Bay Area. For the past 33 years, they have built a reputation for technical excellence, innovative design, fair pricing, excellent customer service and end-to-end quality and competence. They are a family business and are devoted to treating their employees, customers, the community and the environment with respect and are devoted to renewable energy and sustainability throughout the Bay Area providing:

• Residential Solar
• Commercial Solar
• Solar Pool Heating
• Ground Mounts – many ground mounts for residential and large commercial
• Custom designed and engineered – carports, trellis and more
• Solar panel cleaning.
• Monitoring.
• Several Loan and Lease Options.
o Yes, they are partnered with various pace financing firms including California First, Hero & Ygrene
o Yes, they have a variety of options to fit individual needs with rates starting as low as 2.99% as well as payback options from 5 to 25 years
o They offer no payments & no interest for their solar tax credit loan

Sun First Solar is a SunPower Elite Commercial and Elite Residential installer with local owners. They train and employ locally, handling  every aspect in-house including answering the phone and welcoming customers to their offices and showroom. They do not use subcontractors. Donating and contributing to the community I see a priority. They recently donated and installed PV for Bob Weir’s Terrapin Crossroads restaurant in San Rafael.

Customers are raving about Sun First installation crews, calling the  “the best in the business.” Their reputation within the solar industry is solid and they offer complete installations and interconnection services.

Many solar companies only install on simple comp shingle roofs. With Sun First there is no roof/project that is too complicated – They have successfully installed solar on Spanish Tile roofs, Metal Roofs, very Steep roofs etc. They also have extensive experience in solar Ground Mounts and solar pool heating.

Competitive Pricing. Expert Consultation. The Best Warranty.

And it all makes financial sense. The return on investment is
well over 100%!

National energy statistics indicate that the average payback period (when savings outweigh costs) for installation of a residential solar system is about five years.

Increase In Home Value : It’s been found that installing solar panels will increase your property value. But, how and why? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, property values increase $20 for every $1 of utility savings per year. With a 5 kW unit installed in your home, you could easily increase the value of your home by at least $20,000.

Reduce or Eliminate Energy Cost: Save thousands of dollars on your electric bill over the lifetime of the system (which averages about 25 years)
Environmental: You’ll drastically reduce your carbon footprint, – an average 5KW system provides carbon offsets equal to:
• Planting 4,753 trees.
• Driving reduced by 408,000 auto miles, or 20,808 gallons of gasoline.
• Recycling 645 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfill
• 198,782 pounds (99.4 tons) of coal burned.