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Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency

Are you looking for one place to call for all lines of insurance? Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency is the answer!

Mitchell and Mitchell  has been helping individuals with insurance since 1954, first assisting dentists with their life and disability insurance, then expanding to all lines of insurance for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses.

They have six locations throughout California and their comprehensive website  provides accessible service.  They are invested in your success and make it easy for you with one number to call to take care of all of your needs for all of these lines of insurance:

  • Business and Commercial 
  • Personal, including Auto, Home, Renters, RV, Boat, Flood, Earthquake, Umbrella, Life and Health 

They also have you covered when it comes to:

  • Succession Planning
  • Financial Planning

Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency agents work together to ensure clients have a seamless experience, especially when they need more than one type of insurance. They offer free insurance portfolio reviews where they assess your risks and create a unique plan that addresses your needs whether your insurance is with them or with the guy down the street. They want to make sure you are fully informed regarding your insurance plan because they know it will contribute to your financial success for many year to come!

Here’s what Mitchell and Mitchell clients are saying: 

  • “If you have any questions, they give you answers right away. If they don’t have the answer right now, they call you right back.”

  • “They respond quickly and they give me the right answer.”

  • “They’re honest, they correct most other agencies mistakes and they are very competitively priced.”

  • “I don’t actually have to deal with my insurance. My agent reviews everything with me. Each year we go over it to be sure that we are up to date in our needs so I don’t have to think about insurance at all.”

So, if you’re unhappy with your current agent/broker and are looking for a change, Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency will research your needs and get you an answer with no hidden fees or charges.

Quick responses and dedication to answering questions from a trustworthy, family-friendly insurance agency can all be found at Mitchell and Mitchell. 

Call Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency today at1-888-512-8878. 

Mitchell and Mitchell is a Diamond Certified company. They are partnered with the Marin County schools volunteer program and have employees that volunteer on a regular basis in the classrooms and after school.