INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Ray Woodson, Plenty Of Laundry/Thick Beards, Not Enough Giants Offense

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Ray Woodson joins us from an East Bay laundromat of all places as the Giants season continues to be stuck on the .500 spin cycle. Getting swept by the Astros left many fans blaming the Giants late-inning relievers, but the offense could only muster 2 runs in those 2 games. Joe and Ray contemplate who deserves playing time and have a discussion about the thickest beards in sports, providing a nice diversion during a rough start to the homestand. They also chat about the upcoming number retirement ceremony for Barry Bonds.

Joe thinks the lineup is a collective disappointment. Ray has optimism regarding center field but points out issues with run production:

“…The thing I do like is they’ve got Steven Duggar in centerfield. They’ve been leading him off. Get this guy at bats. That’s a guy that they’re going to hope  can take to that role and be the guy to lead off and set things up. But, you also need guys to drive him in and nobody on the Giants has 50 runs batted in. What’s the date today? August 8th? And nobody on the Giants has 50 runs batted in. That’s pathetic.”

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