INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Mariners TV Voice Dave Sims on Smoke and Smoak, Seaver and Brock

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Seattle Mariners television play-by-play announcer Dave Sims joins Inside China Basin to talk about the mid-week series against the Giants which was moved from Seattle to San Francisco due to unhealthy air quality in the Pacific Northwest. He gives tells us a bit about new Giant and former Mariner Justin Smoak and reminisces about Hall of Famers Tom Seaver and Lou Brock who recently passed away.

Sims on new Giants acquisition Justin Smoak who played for the Mariners 2010-2014: “For a big man he’s got good hands and good feet around first base…His deal is power. He’s going to swing and miss and he’s not going to hit for much of an average (career .229 batting average), but he can run into some fastballs.”

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