INSIDE CHINA BASIN: George Kontos On SF Rotation Success, Camilo Doval & Extra Innings Rule

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Former Giants reliever George Kontos won two World Series rings with San Francisco. Now he’s an analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area and he’s helping us dissect the Giants on a regular basis this season. Our second 2021 podcast took place on Tuesday following back-to-back shutouts in Miami and Philadelphia and a San Francisco studio stint for George.

Kontos discusses the hot start for the Giants rotation and cold start for the lineup. He tells Joe Castellano why he doesn’t like the extra innings rule, how he got the number 70 and who convinced him to grow his trademark beard. Plus, he analyzes rookie reliever Camilo Doval: “It’s been impressive how he’s come in and done his job and managed his emotions…His slider is very, very good. He throws it with the same intent and arm speed as his fastball, so out of the hand it looks just like a fastball which is why he’s getting some of those swings that the hitters look a little bad on.”

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