INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Jerry Hairston, Jr.-MLB “Missing A Huge Opportunity” To Start Season Soon

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Former Major Leaguer, now Spectrum Sports Net LA analyst Jerry Hairston, Jr. joins us to cover a variety of topics including his experience in the Giants/Dodgers rivalry. 

Jerry on racial prejudice he experienced early in his career in the minor leagues: 

“I had some run-ins playing in Winston-Salem I was called a lot of things. Playing in Vegas in a tournament I was called a couple of names. I understood that it’s nothing like what Jackie Robinson (and others) had to go through…or what my grandfather (Sam, who played in the Negro Leagues and the Major Leagues) had to go through. I was able to handle it because my father (Jerry, Sr. who also played in the Majors) prepared me for that. ”

On MLB not having an agreement yet to start the season: 

“I think baseball is missing a huge opportunity. I thought we’d be playing by July 4th. I’m just shocked the owners haven’t been able to come to an agreement. The players have proven that they want to play.”

On former Giants manager Dusty Baker being the Astros manager after the cheating scandal:

“I was hoping he wouldn’t get that job because Dusty really deserves better. Dusty is probably the best manager I ever played for, the most prepared manager I ever played for and probably the best communicator…He’s going to handle (the aftermath of the Astros issues) because he’s a people person and he’s going to be able to kind of shield his players the best he can.” 

We also chat with Annie Maciel, the manager of the Facebook group SF Giants Gamer Babes to get a fan perspective on missing Major League Baseball.

Listen To Jerry Hairston,Jr and Annie Maciel

Even in a shortened season, it’s shaping up to be a long year for the Giants. Every site reviewed on My Top Sportsbooks with divisional futures on offer has San Francisco with the longest odds to win the NL West, ranging from +5000 (2% chance) to +8000 (1.2% chance). FanGraphs projections had them finishing 20 games below .500 in a full season, six games behind the next-worst team in the division (Colorado).

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