INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Giants Pitchers Stratton And Melancon Look To Make An Impact

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The Giants pitching staff looks good so far in spring training. Two members of the staff who are hoping to be more consistent this season join us today. Chris Stratton is vying for a spot in the rotation or as a long man in the bullpen. Mark Melancon is finally healthy and wants to retain his spot as the closer.

Stratton reflected on 2018:

“I had some really good games and some really bad games. Boch (Bruce Bochy) wants to know what he’s getting every day and that’s what I want every day is I need to know what I’m going to go out there and be capable of. I need to work on being a little bit more consistent and being better.”

Melancon wants to return to his role as the 9th inning guy:

“I’m going into it thinking I’m the closer. I think that’s the best fit for me. If I could be in that role I think it would set up the bullpen really well. Will (Smith) did a great job and he’s very capable of doing it, likewise Tony Watson and some other guys. That’s the good thing and I think it’s a real staple on our club right now is the bullpen. I think we have a lot of really good arms. Whatever happens it’s going to shake out well.”

Listen To Stratton and Melancon

Join us again next week when we hear from Giants Bench Coach Hensley Meulens and 2B Joe Panik.

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