INSIDE CHINA BASIN: George Kontos On Tauchman’s NYY/SFG Move, Buster & Longo Start

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On this week’s Inside China Basin San Francisco Giants podcast former SF reliever George Kontos relates to Mike Tauchman making the move from the Yankees to the Giants since he was in the same situation in 2012. Also, we talk about Madison Bumgarner’s 7-inning no-hitter, pitchers hitting, why Buster Posey and Evan Longoria have been back to their old selves and freak injuries.

Kontos compares playing in New York to playing in San Francisco:“(In New York) you’re going to have 50 media members in the clubhouse that are going to micro-manage everything and give their opinions and judge and criticize. It takes a very mentally strong individual to have long term success playing for a New York market team…Coming out West and playing for the Giants you are already built up and you’ve been toughened by that market. When you come to the West Coast, everything is still talked about, it’s just not made such a buzz about and you’ve already hardened your emotions to it where you can just go out there and play and not care what the media says. It allows you to have a lot more success and be yourself.”

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