INSIDE CHINA BASIN: George Kontos On Opening Series/Gabe Kapler’s Pitching Management

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Former Giants reliever George Kontos won two World Series rings with San Francisco, now he’s an analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area. On Monday he told us about his decision to retire and he reacted to the MLB coronavirus news, which led to two games being postponed.

We discussed the opening four games for the Giants in Los Angeles and how manager Gabe Kapler handled the pitching staff: “In these situations now where it’s kind of all hands on deck at any point in time, everyone doesn’t know what to expect quite yet…In order to give your pitchers the best chance to succeed, they have to have confidence going into these situations knowing their job and what’s expected of them…(Having a defined role in the bullpen) in my opinion is the best way that guys who are routine oriented like relievers are, function at their highest level.”

Kontos on Shaun Anderson: “He’s got a demeanor and a kind of presence on the mound that is a little bit for me Hunter Strickland like…You can see once he hones it in a little bit more, he’s already nasty, but he’s going to be really, really good. He’s not afraid and does not shy away from any situation.”

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