INSIDE CHINA BASIN: George Kontos Debuts As Regular Analyst Before Home Opener

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Former Giants reliever George Kontos won two World Series rings with San Francisco. Now he’s an analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area and he will  help us dissect the Giants on a regular basis this season. Our first 2021 podcast took place on Thursday before the Giants home opener against the Rockies.

We discussed the rotation being the strength of the team so far and how a manager like Gabe Kapler should decide when to take a starter out of the game: “My view is, every game should be viewed as an individual variable. You have to watch the game and you have to see how the flow of the game is going and you have to see the contact and how hitters are reacting to the pitcher’s offerings and if the guy is cruising, the numbers in the third time in the order don’t really mean much to me.”

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