INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Buster Posey On 2018 “I Wasn’t Able To Swing The Way I Always Had”

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Giants catcher Buster Posey and outfielder Mac Williamson join us for our first Inside China Basin podcast of 2019. Both players are trying to get back to normalcy. Posey underwent hip surgery and is getting back to 100%, while Williamson feels great after dealing with concussion symptoms for much of the 2018 season.

Posey explained to TheSportsVirus about his swing not having as much power in 2018:

“I think mechanically I wasn’t able to swing the way that I always had and I’m sure that had something to do with it overall, but I was kind of having to tweak things to change my mechanics which I hadn’t had to do in the past.”

Williamson thought back on the circumstances that caused his concussion last season:

“I’ve thought back on that night countless times, but I wouldn’t change it. I was going after a ball, trying to catch a ball in foul territory that was a meaningful out in our game…What are you going to do, let it drop? Pack my bags to Triple-A? It’s an unfortunate series of events…I just need to be more athletic and not trip (over the bullpen mound).”

Listen To Posey and Williamson

Join us again next week when we hear from the left side of the Giants infield, Brandon Crawford and Evan Longoria.

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