DUBS OT: The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami “This Is Not Going To Be A Smooth Sailing Season”


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Steph Curry is back in the lineup and he dropped 42 points on the Cavs in the Warriors win in Cleveland on Wednesday. He talks about how he is making progress in his return.

Our special guest is Tim Kawakami from the Athletic. He tells us why the online sportswriting site is successful and we chat about the Warriors season: “This is not going to be a smooth sailing season,” says Kawakami. “There are still going to be some episodes. I’m convinced of it. They didn’t ruin the NBA, because this is tough. This is a long season. You suffer through some things, you fight through them and as Steve Kerr always says, that’s the reason why you go crazy when you win a championship, why you spray each other with champagne. Not because it’s easy, because it’s hard.”

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