DUBS OT: Kristen Ledlow-TNT “Siblings Who Have Completely Opposite Personalities Clash”


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The Warriors appear to be back on track after beating Orlando for their third consecutive victory. Ray and Joe dissect that win and the recent high-scoring games from Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson (the Splash Cousins?).

Our special guest is TNT reporter Kristen Ledlow, who joins the podcast to chat about the KD/Draymond saga, the personalities on the Warriors and the experience of covering weekly NBA drama. Ledlow will be on the sidelines in Toronto on Thursday night for the Warriors/Raptors game on TNT.

Here’s what Ledlow said about why two Warriors all stars had issues: “Think about how much time these guys spend together. They’re essentially siblings and ultimately siblings who have completely opposite personalities are going to clash. That’s the reality of what a team is and what a team means. Draymond Green is one of my favorite players and people. I also understand why he frustrates as many people as he frustrates. He is their emotional leader whether it’s for better or for worse…Kevin Durant isn’t the kind of guy that appreciates being spoken to in the way that Draymond often speaks to his teammates. Some of them see it as motivating, some them don’t. I think this was likely a case of clashing personalities that came to a head.”

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