Derek Law: ’17 “Very Aggravating” Paul Gackle: “You Can’t Really Win A Job In September”

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Law and Order is still a popular TV show but how about Law and Gackle? That’s OUR show today as Giants reliever Derek Law and San Jose Mercury News reporter Paul Gackle join us from AT&T Park in San Francisco in conversations that we had on Sunday.

Law talked to The Sports Virus about this losing season for the Giants: “…Definitely very aggravating. Nobody wants to lose as many games as we lost so far. I could tell that the vibe definitely changed since I left (for the minors). When I left everyone was really down, everybody was kind of pressing…Now everybody’s just kind of having fun, trying to get the job done. If we can do a good job and put some wins together and take that into next year it will carry over for sure.”

The Sports Virus talked to Paul Gackle about September baseball evaluations: “…If somebody comes up and they have a nice September that’s a good start to next year, but I wouldn’t give a guy a job based on what he does on a September call-up. I think that has to continue into spring training and that’s where you really make your evaluation…You can’t really win a job in September.”

Listen To Derek Law and Paul Gackle

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