INSIDE CHINA BASIN: Brandon Crawford and Evan Longoria Optimistic About 2019

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The Gold Glove left side of the Giants infield is back healthy and ready for a productive season. After injuries derailed SS Brandon Crawford and 3B  Evan Longoria in 2018, they are poised to produce at previous career levels both at the plate and in the field.

Crawford told TheSportsVirus that a knee issue hindered his swing in the second half of last season and he had other problems:

“The biggest thing was swinging at good pitches…When you’re going through a little bit of a dry spell you start getting a little more anxious and you’re swinging at pitches that you that you don’t necessarily want to be swinging at and getting yourself out because of it.”

Longoria has developed a strategy for hitting at Oracle Park:

“You’ve just got to take your base hits here. It is a tough ballpark to leave the yard and it’s just an overall more difficult ballpark to hit in with the weather. I think it’s more about trying to grind through at bats here and hit line drives. It took me probably three quarters of the year to get into that mind set…I’m positive that I’ll be more comfortable stepping into the box in game one this year than I was last year and I think that will translate into some better production.”

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