Cory Gearrin: “We Loved Having (Eduardo Nunez) Here…A Ton Of Energy…Hate To See Him Go”

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We sat down Wednesday with Giants RHP Cory Gearrin to get his thoughts on the Giants bullpen and his reaction to Eduardo Nunez getting traded in the middle of a game earlier this week.

Gearrin described the scene when Eduardo Nunez got traded earlier this week during a game against the Pirates: “…We loved having him here. A ton of energy, obviously the numbers speak for themselves for how good of a player he is…You hate to see him go. I’ve never actually been a part of a team where the guy was traded mid-game like that…We see Boch give Nuney a hug and we (all said) wow did he just get traded? Then we kinda find out a couple of minutes later that that’s what happened.”

Gearrin also talked about how daunting it is for young relievers to come into key situations out of the bullpen: “…First time coming into a game in the Major Leagues, especially with the bases loaded, you’re just trying to not pass out. You’re just trying to breathe and throw strikes. The guys you talk to who are more veteran, they’ve been in those situations before, it’s nothing new. It’s still a challenge. It’s not easy to go out and get outs no matter if it’s your first day or your 1000th day.”

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Come back FRIDAY when we talk with former Dodgers beat reporter Doug Padilla about the upcoming Giants/Dodgers series in Los Angeles.

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