Gearrin Calls Crawford’s Defense “Best In The World…Doesn’t Get Enough Credit”

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We make a call to the Giants bullpen and chat with valuable member Cory Gearrin about how the season is going and his appreciation of the defense Brandon Crawford plays at shortstop.

Gearrin talked to The Sports Virus about Brandon Crawford: “I really don’t think there’s anyone else like him in baseball. I think he’s the best in the world at what he does. He doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion for how good he is, the detail he puts into the work that he does…to watch him play every day you start to notice the little things that I’ve never seen before professionally or just in my life in general, what he can do, how easy he makes the game look out there. It takes a lot of pressure off the pitching staff knowing that we can allow the ball to be put in play and he’s going to make that play.”

Listen To Cory Gearrin

Come back FRIDAY when Giants outfielder JUSTIN RUGGIANO will be our guest.

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