Shea: Losing Madbum “Big Blow”…SF Issues Have “Given Us All The Signs That This Is Not The Year”

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In Part 2 of our conversation with John Shea from the San Francisco Chronicle we talk about the Madison Bumgarner  injury and Buster Posey bouncing back from the concussion DL.

Bumgarner Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Shea talked to The Sports Virus about Madison Bumgarner’s injury: …“It’s real possible this guy could be lost ’till August and that’s a big blow for a team that is looking to get deep into the post season. It’s given us all the signs that this is not the year. How often can you say that in April? Pretty much never…This rotation took a hit, the team took a hit…The fans don’t know what to think. Are they bummed out because he’s missing time or are they bummed out because he did something to hurt the team that really shouldn’t be done during the baseball season? Do that in the off season. Don’t put your team in danger or at risk by putting yourself in danger or at risk.”

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