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Starting Over

Posted on December 30th, 2010 by TheSportsVirus

When the 49ers fired Mike Singletary after their 15th game of the season, my first thought was, “Why did they wait so long?”

After an 0-5 start, it was clear that Singletary had no clue how to be a successful head coach in the NFL. He had three players and an assistant coach quit on him. His stubborn stance of relying on smash mouth football made for a boring offense. Frank Gore is an elite running back, but he can’t be expected to carry the load the entire game. Singletary was never able to bring out the best in his top receivers Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree. His quarterback, Alex Smith, was hesitant to take chances down the field until late in the game.

And how about the defense? When it was time to make big plays the secondary couldn’t cover anyone. The Niners looked good against weaker teams like Denver, Seattle and Arizona. But, when it came time to win close games against New Orleans and Atlanta mistakes were made at the end of the game. The defense had no chance against Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

Lastly, Singletary had issues dealing with the media He seemed to be annoyed at any prying questions, he tried to embarrass a local TV anchor and he didn’t seem to know how to answer obvious questions after games. He continually said that he would have to take a look at the film. It was as if he didn’t see anything live and in person on the sidelines.

So, where do the Niners go from here? President Jed York says he will hire a general manager to run the team and hire a new coach. He says his only involvement in the football operations will be signing checks. I find that hard to believe. Hopefully he will bring in someone with lots of NFL experience. As for the coach? Jim Harbaugh seems destined for the job and deserving of the opportunity.

The first order of business will be finding a new quarterback. How about Donovan McNabb to mentor a rookie? McNabb is not appreciated by Mike Shanahan and the Redskins, but they will love him in San Francisco. Also on the checklist will be improving a secondary that ranked 24th in the NFL in passing yards allowed.

Most importantly, York should keep his word about staying out of the way. 49ers fans can only hope that he makes the right move with his new GM. ¬†At 29 years old, York is in over his head. He seems like a sharp kid, but he should be learning the ropes as an assistant instead of running the entire ship. He’s learning some hard lessons on the job. GM, coach, quarterback. Easy fix, huh?


The Winter Meetings

Posted on December 14th, 2010 by TheSportsVirus

7 years for Jayson Werth? How about that Red Sox lineup with Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez? Derek Jeter is back with the Yankees. The SportsVirus Joe Castellano and TheDoctor Michael Duca discuss the 2010 Winter Meetings.

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