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Hand Bud Black the Manager of the Year Award Now

Posted on August 14th, 2010 by TheSportsVirus

I know that Dusty Baker has done a heck of a job keeping the Reds in contention this late in the season and Bobby Cox could be a deserving, sentimental pick in his last year as a Hall of Fame caliber manager. But, hands down, the NL Manager of the Year is Bud Black. You don’t even have to play out the rest of the season to make your pick with this award. Outside of Black himself and most of his players (I’m thinking some of them were realistic), who in their right mind was picking the Padres to be a playoff team during the winter? No more Jake Peavy. Adrian Gonzalez was going to be on the trading block. Jon Garland and the Hairston brothers were flying under the radar as acquisitions. On paper they looked mediocre at best and headed for another losing season. But, remember towards the end of last season when Black had the Padres surprising some contenders while playing the spoiler role? That set the wheels in motion to play winning type baseball. It’s a team that has a great rotation backed by a stellar bullpen. The defense plays well, they steal bases and they manufacture runs. There are no MVP candidates in this lineup. Yet, while everyone still believes that they will fade, they continue to rule the National League. And now with veteran reinforcements Miguel Tejada and Ryan Ludwick, San Diego is even more pennant chase worthy. It’s fun to see an underdog team prove everyone wrong. Even if they don’t win the division, Bud Black has worked wonders.

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4 Responses to "Hand Bud Black the Manager of the Year Award Now"

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    Bud Black sounds like a cool dude. I agree too that he should get the manager of the year award. I don’t care how good your pitchers are. They aren’t going to be as good as they have been without the manager really using them correctly. I mean numerous guys with sick ERA’s. To get that much out of them for almost the entire season, really that’s not just them being great, that’s Black, too. He was really a good pitcher for the Giants, too! But I still hate the Padres! Go Giants!

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    Black is one of the smartest men in baseball. Dusty Baker deserves honorable mention. NOBODY picked the Reds.

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    Yeah, Baker is a great manager. Too bad he choked in 2002. But he seems like a genuinely good person, so I wish him well.

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    he is a GREAT guy…Haven’t talked to him a lot, but when I have he is very, very cool.

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